– Did you call me, Sensei?

– I have something to show you.

– What is it? What? Whatwhatwhatwhatwhat~

– Don’t be so excited… I called you to show you some mistakes you did on last tournament. Oh, but don’t run away…


– Sit here! It wont hurt.

– All right.

– It will help you to improve your game and as a person.

– Wow.

– Take a look at the  whole board.

– It’s Fujii System!

– Don’t just mimic a playstyle. Try to understand it!

– Ok! Let’s see Fujii’s game… So he played this to… play this… Wait, no. So maybe the next move is for this… Awwwwww! How can I understand this?

– The best way is to play against that person… But you can’t so the second best is to study his kifu!

– I should just summon Habu.

– …

– Or…. I will just study kifu, yeah study kifu!

– Good, there is one more think I want to say.

– Oh noooooooo!

– Nice endgame moves.

– Oh… Thank you.

– Dont forget, shogi wa syuban. Endgame is the core of shogi. Don’t stop training tsume.

– I’m good in endgame, tralalallala lalalalalla!

– Don’t be overconfident. You still have a lot to learn.

– Ah, yeah? Soon I will be able to beat you, sensei!

– Really? Wanna try now? *evil look*

– Studying… Yeah studying is a good idea…

– Good student! Haha!


First Tournament and Rival

– It is your first time playing a tournament, be polite to others…


– Be quiet!

– OUH! Yes, Sensei.

– Don’t forget to say “yoroshiku onegai shimasu” before playing.

– Yeah… Hard to remember when you don’t have a greeting button like on 81 Dojo.

– Winning or losing the game, don’t forget to say “arigatou gozaimashita” after. Oh, they called you. Gambatte!

– I will win, Sensei!

(after first round)
– How was the game, my student?

– Easy, Sensei! He was very weak! I beat him without problems! I will be champion in no time!

– It is rude to say that! You are just more experienced than him!

– B-but…

– You should be ashamed saying it. Not so long ago, you also were a beginner. Being strong means to respect and not understimate your opponent! You showed you are still a little shogi kid.

– Sensei…

– Learn with your mistakes, don’t make them again. You still have a lot to learn and grow.

– I’m so weak!

– Be humble and respect your opponent. Now it is time to you next game.

– Hai… Sensei.

(after second round)
– Omedetou! You won second round.

– It was hard battle, Sensei.

– I see, playing with strong opponents make us improve even more. Did you remember the game?

– Not sure… I was concentrating so much and I didn’t do any kifu.

– Try to make kifu now.

– Strange. I remembered it all! I’m super smart!

– Sigh… Ok, we will analise it later. Oh, it is already jun kesho!

– Sensei! Look! It’s my semifinal opponent!

– Seems like he is about your age.


– Calm down, focus.

– I will shoot his king with laser beam.

– …

– And then make 100 rhinos run on him!


– And then make 1001 cats attack him! And put him on fire! And summon Habu to mate him in 12310!

– Enough, shut up and go, he is waiting for you!

– So rude, Sensei… Ouh! I’m going, going!

(after semifinal round)
– Arigatou gozaimashita….

– Seems like you had another good game.

– It was a bad game! I made many mistakes! I lost! I hate shogi!

– Do you know Kouji Tanigawa?

– Professional player?

– Yes. When he was young, he used to play a lot with his brother. He was crying and crying, because he couldn’t win.

– Mmm…

– Crying means you care. He loved shogi very much and he didn’t give up. Now you can see, who he has become.

– Mmm…

– What you are going to do now?

– Mmm…

– … Don’t eat candy, when I’m talking to you!

– Haa… KHE, PFU!… Hai, Sensei. I love shogi too.

– So, what you are going to do now?

– Train motto, motto, motto shogi to become stronger and beat my new rival!

– Gary?

– … Sensei. Too much pokemons.

– You meet him in future tournaments. By playing shogi, you both will know each other more and more. Just speaking through shogi. Rivalization and friendsh…


– It’s so good being young… But please, stop destroying this table.

– Hai, Sensei.

– Now give me some candy.

– It’s MINE!

– Who teaches you secrets of shogi!

– Summoned Habu!

– Oh, you little…!

– Aaaaaaa!

Game Of Shogi

– Senseeeeei!

– Yes.

– I’ve lost a game…

– Let me see. Hmm… Why do you still make such useless moves?

– Suuuumimaseeeen…! Sensei, forgive me!

– Avoid moves like this in future. Don’t run, when you are forked. You will just waste a move.

– Sensei! I will lose valuable figure!

– Baka! You will lose one piece in anyway. He can’t take both at same time. You can attack him meantime.

– Hai, Sensei! Later in game he did mistake, letting me take advantage again!

– I see.  You were so greedy…

– I was hungry…

– Don’t play with your belly empty! And I have already told you, in endgame aproach king instead of taking pieces.

– Better gold at belly then gold in belly.

– Hara Kin…

– And here my king did harakiri. Wait, it was seppuku…

– You’re mixing everything, let’s focus on your game… Why did you resign? You had tsume.

– No way!

– Long but it was tsume. Let me  see… 35 moves.

– Sens…. Tsum…. Long.

– At least you should try to find it.

– It was byo yomi!

– You have to train your yomi more. It was a straightforward tsume.

– Yes,  byo yomi needs yomi! How to train calculating?

– Solve tsume. Tons of them.

– 35 moves ones? It will take ages to solve!

– Nope, can be 3, 5, 7 moves.

– Why sensei? It’s too easy.

– Longer tsume are combination of small ones.

– Sounds like algebra…

– Just solve these tsumes!

– Hai! I will try to not lose the next game, Sensei!

– Gambatte! Good luck.

Tsume Book

– Did you finish that tsume book?

– There are some hard problems, Sensei…

– Let me see…

– I’m not sure about the first move, Sensei!

– Use your kan, a feeling.

– Hai, I will try more to feel the right move!

– A sharp instinct is needed for a good shogi player.

– How to train it, Sensei?

– You will have to play and lose more then 1000 games.

– Oh, I need a lot of experience!… Sensei!

– Yes?

– I see the first move, but I’m not sure about continuation!

– Try to make more karui moves.

– What is karui, Sensei?

– I think I’ve told you before…

– Please, DON’T HIT, SENSEI!

– Ok, I will tell for the last time… Karui is a light move like on this diagrams:


– Sensei, it’s a weird move!

– You won’t be a professional, if you don’t learn that. It is kihon no kihon!

– Ki… Kin… Hon?! Golden book?!

– KI – HON. Basic of basic. Basics are the most important for every shogi player.

– Aaah! Kihon no kihon! Basic of basic! I will learn it well, Sensei!

– Try this tsume again.

– I almost have it…

– Kin wa todome!

– Gold to do me?

– What?

– What what?

– Kin WA TODOME. Gold for the end.

– It makes more sense… Oh, Sensei! I found it! I made it! I made it!

– Good work, my student. With every solved tsume, you are step closer to your dream.

– Hai, Sensei! I still needs a lot of steps to make and a lot of hands to play!

– Well said, my student.

New Blog

– Sensei! Sensei!

– Yes, my student…

– Let’s make a blog!

– What? About what, UFO?

– No! Sensei, let’s make a blog about shogi!

– Hmm, seems interesting…

– But it won’t be usual shogi blog! It will contain a lot of humor with shogi advices!

– But there are couples of good blogs around there.

– Sensei, we will link them all, but our will be unique! Like UFO!

– I like shogibrasil’s blog…


– You right, shogi world needs some humor and more fun. What will make our blog unique?

– We will put our disscussions here and we will comment our games! I will ask stupid questions and you will shout that I’m stupid! And it all we will call tsume shogi lovers, because we both love tsume! But we will put tsume in kanji, so everybody will see the other truth, shogi lovers!

– Ok my impulsive student, let’s make it.

– Weeeeheeeeee!

– But we have to put weekly tsume made by ourselves, because this blog is called tsume lovers.

– Yes!

– I hope it turns into a good experience for both of us.

– Hai, Sensei!